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Scoop3 is a revolutionary podcast player with a loyalty badge system designed to boost your audience engagement and monetization opportunities. 

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What Does Scoop3 Do for Podcasters?

Precise Analytics

Say goodbye to guesswork! Scoop3 provides you with advanced analytics, offering deep insights into listeners, preferences, and trends. 

Monetization Opportunities

Unlock new revenue streams! Scoop3 offers many monetization opportunities, allowing you to benefit from your hard work. 

Community Building

Build a vibrant community of engaged listeners! Scoop3 fosters connections, discussions, and collaborations, turning your podcast into a hub for meaningful interactions.

How Does it Work?

Under the hood, Scoop3 is powered by the blockchain to ensure you receive accurate and leverageable analytics with endless integration possibilities. 

Key Features:

  • Built & designed for non-native blockchain users. No crypto, no worry over wallets, no gas or minting fees. This podcast player is made for the masses.
  • The loyalty badges are automatically dispensed to the listener once an episode is listened to in its entirety, 1x speed, and above a volume threshold.
  • Our aim to ensure the data you are receiving is authentic and immutable.
  • Curious about the loyalty badge system? We're using Base in partnership with Coinbase!
  • The best part: You don't have to change your usual workflow when you drop an episode! Thanks to our patent-pending design, Scoop3 tokenizes your media content for you! You can focus on creating great content, and we'll do the rest.

Acceptance into Scoop3 will make you an early pioneer in the realm of future media consumption!


Wait, what? I don't have to do anything differently?

That's right. We want to emphasize that again. Our patent-pending design, combined with our partnership with Base, means you don't change your workflow.

We're on a mission to support podcasters all around the world build vibrant communities, and we're committed to ensuring you thrive.

Don't Wait!

With the crazy amount of benefits on the table, we have to be very selective with which podcasters we onboard. 

Apply to see if you qualify for FREE Early Access VIP.


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